ROMERO is an advanced robotics experiment funded by the ESMERA European consortium in May 2020. The experiment will focus on extreme environments, in particular, the system aims at providing a robust and reliable solution to monitor an active volcano and its surrounding areas, including aerial and underwater regions.


ROMERO will develop a unique distributed system, ready to be deployed in a extreme scenario environment to gather all the distributed sensors data and to support safety and civil protection officers involved into monitoring and observation of volcanic activities.

Weather Station

The weather station will remotely send the wind and rain data available to the control station in order to inform  personnel of the aerial environmental condition to engage the Unmanned Aerial Drone.

Sea Buoy

The sea buoy will be equipped with several environmental sensors, such as temperature and pH and it will transmit sensor readings to the control stationto detect anomalies.

Control Station

The control station will gather environmental sensor readings and will inform personnel through proper real-time notification, giving them access to data history and drone engagement functionality.

Unmanned Aerial Drone

The unmanned aerial drone (UAV) will collect images of the surrounding volcanic area during the event of an environmental anomaly.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

The autonomous underwater vehicle will collect images of the surrounding underwater volcanic area during the event of an environmental anomaly



MDM Team is a small enterprise established in 2012 as an official academic spin-off of the School of Engineering of the Florence University, Italy. MDM Team has experience in underwater system design, construction, testing, and operation. The interest of MDM Team is focused on the development of proprietary platforms and the integration with third party applications and/or systems.

University of Florence
Department for Civil Protection

University of Florence Center for the Civil Protection if an operative structure of the Italian Civil Protection Department. The Center provides technical, cognitive and operational support to all the University’s structures for which concern forecasting and prevention of natural and anthropic risks and emergency management.


Lorenzo Marini Ph.D.


Vincenzo Calabrò Ph.D.


Niccolò Monni Ph.D.

MDM Team Senior Robotics Engineer


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